To sign REBEn, complete the Subscription Form, and send it by mail, fax or email, attaching a copy of the bank deposit related to the REBEn subscription payment and to the ABEn annuity payment, when Associate (Effective, Special or Temporary). The subscription values for the printed version of the Brazilian Nursing Journal are as follows, by subscription type:

The online journal is free and open access.

Some separate issues in printed version can be ordered, if they are still available. Send an e-mail to specifying the volume, the number, the desired quantity. When ordering, inform the full name and address of the receiver and attach a copy of the bank deposit related to the issues payment.SEPARATE ISSUE – R$ 50,00 (each) – plus the postal costs.


The amount for separate issue(s), shall be paid by transfer between accounts with identified bank deposit on behalf of the Brazilian Nursing Association, CNPJ 33.989.468-0001-00, in the Bank of Brazil, Agency: 3475-4, Current Account: 220 482 -7. The identified bank deposit requests an identifier code that, in the case of individuals, corresponds to the CPF, and in the case of legal entities, to the CNPJ of the paying institution.

To send the proof of payment (transfer / bank deposit) or for information, go to:

Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem- REBEn
SGA Norte Quadra 603 Conj. “B” Av. L2 Norte
CEP 70830-102  Brasília-DF, Brasil
Fone: (55 61) 3226-0653